Epic Strength

Disfiguring Attack
This knack costs 5 Legend per use, but adds in the Scion’s Epic Strength to damage. This was changed to bring it in line with the damage from the upper tiered throwing attacks.

Divine Wrath
Divine Wrath plays as written but was considered too cheap and so costs 5 Legend per use.

Epic Appearance

My Eyes Are Up Here
For a cost of 1 Legend this knack will ‘turn off’ a Scion’s Epic Appearance for a scene, to allow for easier interaction with people who might otherwise be too busy drooling or screaming at the Scion’s high octane appearance. Mundane Appearance is left at its original value (so a mundane Appearance of 7 will still cause people to react to a divinely beautiful or ugly visage) and the Scion cannot use any Epic Appearance knacks or re-rolls.

One Of The Crowd
This functions exactly as the orginal My Eyes Are Up Here was written, transforming the Scion into a rather forgettable, ordinary person for the cost of 1 Legend for the scene.


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