The Tompkins Family

The Tompkins family was build by Tobias “the Terrible” Tompkins, a self-made millionaire who came into his money by stepping on who ever was in his way or had something that he wanted more than they did. Had he been left to his own devices, Tompkins would probably never have amounted to much but, unfortunately, he managed to convince social-climber, Helen Abernathy, daughter of ageing and poorly billionaire Rupert Abernathy, to marry him and together, with the passing of Helen’s father, they would make their name on the world.

Rupert did pass, and so too did Tobias’ promises to his wife. The money was his and he would not be interested in sharing control of it. This actually suited Helen just fine. As long as she had money for her own projects, and could continue her social climbing, she was content to let her husband do as he pleased.

Needing heirs, Tobias and Helen had four children. They have not proven to be good parents to those children. Helen was an reluctant mother at the best of times, and Tobias has taken to teaching them “strength” by making it clear that only one child would inherit and that he would decide based on which one showed him they wanted it more. As a result most of the children have been at each other’s throats for as long as they can remember.

Tobias Tompkins, family patriarch and first class abuser
Helen Tompkins, family matriarch and social climber

Drake Tompkins, oldest son and family brute
Etienne Tompkins, oldest sister and heartless cold bitch
Cordelia Tompkins, youngest child and crazy mean

The Tompkins Family

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